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Our Story

Hi and welcome!

I'm Dena, the founder and owner of Pooch Perfection. After a successful career in Media, I trained to be a dog groomer at The Academy in Manchester and attained City & Guilds Level II and III qualifications.

Following a life-long dream, I established Pooch Perfection in 2014. Using ethically sourced products and state of the art equipment, and with a focus on the happiness of our dogs at all times, we have grown to be one of the most successful and highly regarded salons in the area. Contact us for more information, and feel free to browse our Instagram and Facebook pages. See you soon!

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Our Values & Team

At Pooch Perfection dog grooming we believe that the intangibles mean so much.  We only employ the best dog groomers of course....highly trained and with access to state of the art facilities so they can give your dog the best haircut they can get.  But more importantly, we believe that all our groomers need to love the dogs they serve so they feel safe and relaxed in our care, and enjoy coming back to us time and time again. You can find out more about each one of our team below.

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Founder & Owner

"This is me with my gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Fudge, who was the inspiration behind Pooch Perfection. Founded in 2014, we have been committed to grooming dogs with love ever since"



“Hi. I’m Ellena and this is my Miniature Schnauzer Barnaby. We spend our free time taking walks with friends. After studying Animal Management, I followed my dream of working with dogs and became a qualified stylist at Pets at Home. At Pooch Perfection, my skills have developed and my love for grooming has grown even greater as I get to spend more quality time with each of my four-legged friends at a top independent salon”

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“This is me, Alicia, with Max, Parker, Sally, Rosie and Jester. I recently qualified as a groomer after an apprenticeship with Pooch Perfection. Working with dogs was a natural progression from studying Horse Management at Askham Bryan College, and Pooch Perfection a natural fit with my life-long love of animals”



Just a couple of our delighted customers below. Please see our Facebook page for more reviews.


"We took our Briard Willow to Dena when she first opened the business and challenged her to transform a matted 35kg beast into a beauty. Not only did Dena rise to the challenge, she is now the only person we would trust to understand not only the needs of our precious dog, but the nervousness – and let’s face it - the lack of skill of the owners! Willow looks like the show dog her lineage suggests when she comes back from Pooch Perfection. Dena and the team are caring and skilful and their attention to detail is fantastic. Four years on, it’s been a pleasure to see the team grow and I cannot recommend Pooch Perfection highly enough – and Willow loves the treats too!"

Liane Holdsworth


"Fantastic results for my boy. They are so helpful and caring. This was his first big haircut. He looks wonderful and he wasn't stressed at all. Unlike me !! Such a fab job. He can't wait to go again."

Julia Bennett


New Way of Working

New Terms & Conditions for a Safe New Age

The unparalleled recent events in relation to COVID-19 have called for an unparalleled response in order that we all remain safe. Please read the following Terms and Conditions, which you will be expected to understand and abide by when visiting the salon. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

1. There will be new safety procedures in the salon. We will operate social distancing at all times. We will not come into contact with you, and will wear appropriate PPE at all times - drop-off, pick-up and payment.


2. As a small salon, we will operate new procedures to maintain social distancing and a hygienic environment. Details of the procedures will be displayed outside the salon. You must read and abide by these before entering.​

3. You may feel it appropriate to wear your own PPE when attending. This is your decision.

4. In order to reduce the risk of more than one customer arriving at the same time, you must arrive for drop-off and pick-up promptly at the time given. Not early, and not late.

5. On arrival, after cleaning your hands with the sanitizer provided, you will be expected to tether your dog to the hygienic leads at the tying point in reception. For this reason, your dog must be wearing a collar or harness, and ideally should be dry and clean. Customers should not under any circumstances open the door to the grooming area.

6. Once you have tethered your dog and you are sure that we have seen you, you must remove your own lead. Take it with you and then exit the salon quickly.

7. As soon as you have left the salon, we will immediately collect your dog from reception in full PPE and transfer them to the bath to be washed.

8. We will call you 30 minutes before your dog will be ready with the cost of the groom and an estimated pick-up time. You must ensure that you arrive for pick-up promptly at the time given. Not early, and not late.

9. We will try our very best to stick exactly to the estimated time, but before entering the salon for pick-up, please remain in the car park and call us to ensure that your dog is ready, and that the reception area is clear.

10. Payment should be made by either contactless card or cash. Where cash is used, only new £5, £10 and £20 notes will be accepted as they can be sanitized, and the exact amount must be given as we will not be giving out any change.

11. We will arrange your next appointment after payment if required, then please leave immediately with your dog.

12. We will make every attempt to maintain your dog’s style, but believe that this will not be possible to do in a large number of cases even where they have been brushed and combed properly. It is more likely that we can’t keep your dog’s style simply because of the time since the last groom, the dog’s coat type and length.

13. If in our opinion the style cannot be maintained and the only option is to clip down the coat, potentially including ears, tail and face, we expect that you trust our decision as professionals, understanding that we will only do this to avoid unnecessary stress, pain and discomfort to your dog.

​14. For dogs that are clipped down, customers need to be aware that their dog will look very different for a period of time, and potentially could act a little strange for a day or two after the groom. However, they will feel better, and in future grooms we can work with you to get them back to your preferred style.

​15. Any appointments that cannot be completed because of late attendance or because of the dog having fleas will still need to be charged at full rate, as will any missed appointments.

16. For avoidance of doubt, at pooch perfection, the comfort and welfare of every one of our dogs will come above anything else!

17. Pooch perfection is doing everything possible to adhere to covid-19 guidelines for the protection of all our valued customers and staff.  Please help us by complying with everything set out and discussed here. Ultimately, no one can guarantee against contraction of the virus, and it remains your responsibility to protect yourself throughout your visit. Pooch perfection will not be held liable for any contraction of covid-19 as a result of a visit to the salon, and each visit is at the customer’s own risk.


Contact Us

2 New Mill Rd, Honley, Holmfirth HD9 6PH

Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm - Sat-Sun: Closed

Mobile: 07801 195883

Landline: 01484 665622

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